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I would love to come and check it out at some stage if it can work out time wise. There is nothing quite like actually seeing one in action.

Collimation wise they do provide the tilt adjustment for the lens cell within the corrector but I assume at F2 it would be quite sensitive, though maybe not RC territory. Did yours need the mirror tweaked? I would assume that would be quite user unfriendly and certainly warranty voiding to touch given the amount of dis-assembly that would be required.

Do you use any filters with the 294? Per what I posted above I found with my ED72 that a UV-IR filter made a spectacular difference, but the LPR filter that is available for the RASA 8" cuts off overall at roughly the same wavelengths as the filter I am using (Ignoring the various notches in transmission) so I assume would resolve the same sort of issues if they were present. I did some test shots with my C925 after getting the filter for the ED72 (Not one that would easily transfer to the SCT) and could see the same sorts of issues I was chasing on the refractor.
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