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Hello Paul
I love my RASA 8 . There certainly were teething problems last December when it arrived from the US. It had mirror tilt . I sent it back to Celestron who were keen to fix up the problem and re collimate it. It was there and back in 10 days. You cannot collimate it yourself.
I have zwo 294, 290 and 224. I am purely videoastronomy and still learning the game .I keep stacked exposures to 3 minutes total and try to keep them at 1minute. The 294 gives a fairly wide FOV but the results are great compared to what I produce with my other scopes .I use the 290 mono for galaxies where I am just looking for structure and am very happy with that as well.
I have a number of other scopes but my RASA 8 is my pride and joy.
I am just waiting for clear skies and some decent weather.
I live in Bendigo which is not too faar up the road from you. Feel free to check it out if you wish.
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