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Another tactic if you have a gradient (Particularly in the eastern or western sky) is to limit the area you capture in either side of the meridian. It does however also limit your available capture time per target each night.

I know of some people with permanent setups that restrict imaging to about 30 degrees each side of the meridian to get both the best seeing (Least atmosphere to transit) and the least chance of gradients from light pollution. You can really see that from my place. I am lucky in that I live in a fairly dark area but if I image to the east below about 40 degrees then a gradient from nearby Kilmore starts to show up and likewise to the South the light pollution of Melbourne begins to rear it's head.

I am looking forward to an astro camp later in the year to image some stuff around the pole that suffers from the light pollution at home. I might be able to combat it with filters to a fair degree per Steve's suggestion, but I have plenty of sky to image so I will just save the southern stuff for astro camps.
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