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Originally Posted by peeb61 View Post

As mentioned before in a previous post, my polar alignment was out and Polemaster arrives today.

Doing a couple of test runs last night I ended up with this image of M20, just a short exposure set with no bias, darks or flats yet and a quick process in Photoshop.

I'm thinking the bright area is street lights? Not apparent in the original subs.


Many thanks in advance.
Anything is possible, and it's odd that it may not have shown up (or possibly may have not shown up enough) in your subs, but there's a whole lot of other stuff going around there that may contribute. Refer attached composite image of your M20 image rotated and resized to suit a comparison with another wider field image (grabbed from google images with attribution) of M8 and M20 which shows similar but not identical light brownish nebulosity/gas/light between M8 and M20.

Who knows? If you suspect extraneous light try another location away from potential sources or a long "lens hood"

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