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Thank you Dunk.
I have not given up on it but I think it is funny that now that I have it I find short exposures acceptable for my current level of incompetence.
What I am about I guess is getting the mount to work as best as possible before I use auto guiding every session.
Certainly it would not work with the current weather as it would be incapable of holding I guide star I bet.
I am starting to think even with polemaster pa could be better...I am starting to think one neefs to include a drift referencing stars above and either side but close to zenith..I suspect atmospheric refraction may leave polemaster a little off..What do other think here...I always seem to end up with a slight drift North and all I can think is polemaster is corrupted by astmospheric if that is the case I expect the ploemaster camera sees the csp a little higher than it much I wonder..that must be understood and capable of calculation by someone who knows what they are talking about.
But that should mean stars would drift South??? Mmm maybe my stars are drifting South and I correct for a North drift ..thats why things get worse???☺☺☺.
But what has got me flummoxed is the counter weight..still working on this...but pointing East I seem to get the best results with the counter weight bias hugely to the East...It may be the mount or I am yracking at solar or lunar rate and the compensation is because of something like that...anyways not having auto guiding running is helping to get the mount doing its best by itself. .at least thats my story☺...but I balance the gear but after a capture have to move yhe counter weight to a position that it really should not be...

My eq 6 I had near perfect. ..I sweare it could go 10 minutes ..I think I will bring it up here and leave it up here...the main problem is not being in the one place ...
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