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Originally Posted by AstroApprentice View Post
I'm now considering a much bigger pipe available cheap to future proof design - 355 OD with 12 mm wall! It's a whopping 200 kg, which creates some logistical challenges, plus footing considerations - although I think most I had planned to use for smaller D pipe would still apply. It would also need a smaller diameter mini-pier on top to avoid OTA hitting it.
Given the 14" diameter, I don't think gussets will be needed, but could add small ones to stiffen base plate connection.
200 kg is a bit intimidating, but I can use a pipe trolley up hill - maybe even with a winch if necessary and a gantry/chain block for positioning.
I can also get 12 mm medium steel sheet for 500 x 500 mm base plate and a 12 mm disc at 375 mm OD for top plate.
Jason - that seems like overkill! Something else to consider with such a large thermal mass would be how long it would take to cool down to ambient temperature. This would especially be true if it's in a building. You would not want a lot of heat rising causing turbulence.

Cheers, Chris
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