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Originally Posted by Tinderboxsky View Post
I took the opportunity today to try to track down Mercury through to Saturn in broad daylight. I have tried previously but have only managed four of the five. Success today though.

Saturn - extremely faint. It took me several minutes at the eyepiece before I found it. Once found it was easy to re-find. The rings were quite obvious.
Because it is close to the Sun. Last February, I found Saturn more easily with my 11cm ED (from NSW), but here in EU it is too low in the sky. Next summer (Feb-Mar) I'll do a try again during another upcoming Australia visit. But surface brightness is not as good as the other planets, so Saturn is more difficult in daylight.

Originally Posted by Tinderboxsky View Post
I then took a quick detour:
Antares - a blazing bright, distinctly red point of light against the blue sky.
Acrux - two sharp bright white po
These stars are easy. My ED 11cm shows Acrux (and Alpha Centauri) as nice doubles. But here in EU also Mizar, but that one is too low in the sky on AU, particularly in Tas.
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