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Originally Posted by Peter.M View Post
I have a qhy9 and a mpcc and I use a ssag. I am using the ts OAG9. you should have tonnes of room to fit one if you are shooting using a OSC camera because you dont need to fit the filter wheel in too.
Thanx Peter, What doas the 'ts' stand for & what is meant by OSC, something Single Color ? ? ? Thanx Peter

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
I use a TSOAG9 too, just this week.... working well, about 12-13mm thick after you account for the adaptor to screw it to the MPCC.
Without a filter wheel, you should be able to use a pair of T-thread extensions to locate the OAG at a nice distance from the CCD so focus is simplified without extensions on the OAG stalk....
Thanx Lee, so, a couple of T thread extension to keep things snug & straight, sound like a nice application.
Do you have a link for where to get these Lee ?
Thanx again
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