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QHY & OAG compatability

Hi all,

As some may know, I'm venturing into purchasing a dedicated CCD one shot color. My flavour of this month is QHY's : )
So, would like to kindly ask if any who are using a QHY ccd's and whether you have addapted an OAG with it, and/or whether it is possible to do so ?
As I would like to go OAGuiding with QHY on a Newtonian, being the Skywatcher 10" F4.7 which only has approx 50mm focus travel.
Also, I need to fit the Baada MPCC with it, so, I may need to add extension between OAG & guide camera, (Orion Starshooter) which shouldnt be much of a problem ?
So, fitting an OAG, which brand/type would be most feasible/practical in the above set up ?
Thanx very much for any assistance, input, advice etc
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