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Originally Posted by ghsmith45 View Post
DSLRs do better than this. Typically 40% in the green. See the attachment from the sbig site. Their weaknesses are no cooling, nosier, 12 or 14 bit and low QE in the H alpha region

Well, it doesnt say if its a CCD or CMOS sensor. The CCD versions tend to be better in QE, but suffer from internal camera noise.
The CMOS sensors suffer from lower QE, but have better internal camera noise.
So you need to take those values with a grain of salt.
Realisticly, below 40 % as stated, but then remove your debayer film loss and that figure starts to hover around the 25 % QE.
This of course is the same for any sensor that has a debayer (Or similar) color incoding incorporated in the sensor, so remove around 15 to 20 % QE.
However, i believe that some of the FUJI DSLR cameras have proper pixels without any film/filters. To boot, i remember one model that can image from UV to deep IR. I tried so may times to get my hands on one, but to no avail. I read they were mainly manufactured to law enforcement for use in forensic applications (Special lighting for chemicals etc..)

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