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Hey Rob,

Welcome to the forums.

I think the Skywatchers are great value for what you get. I acquired at second hand 14inch Skywatcher goto and its been great, goto is also pretty good.

With the Goto dob you can take pictures of brighter stuff like the moon and planets. I have found the dobs don't track as smoothly as other scopes/mounts.

Not sure of your suburb in Sydney, probably need someone local who could comment better on this. I know in Melbourne that some brighter deep sky stuff is visible.

All the best,


Originally Posted by robfishfan View Post
Hi there , ive finnaly moved to the suburbs out of syd city , and can see some more of the sky , so i really want to buy a nice telescope .

im thinking of the skywatcher 12.5 dob with goto computer .

i use cameras as well so would like to take some shots .

what do you guys reckon , can see anything good from croydon sydney with that dob.

ope i havent stolen anyone post or talk

cheers from me
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