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One thing I have worked out already, I don't know if this carries across to DSS as I am using APP for stacking. When creating the master darks, APP has a setting "Adaptive pedestal" which is supposed to help avoid black clipping in cameras with strong glows (like my ASI294) but for other cams it is supposed to make no difference. What I did find was that it produced a spectacular and unfixable red cast in the last colour calibration steps when a master dark produced that way was applied.

With a big caveat that this was unguided and the spacing is not right, this is first light for my cam, 20 X 120 second subs with a master dark and no other calibration frames, minor tweaking in photoshop, it would stand being stretched a lot harder too. I didn't get much done last night as I spent most of the night trying to work out why the imaging PC would not connect and behave on the wifi (I use it headless normally and remote in to it) it seems my laptop interferes with it on the wifi. Time for a modern dual radio AP so I can put the imaging PC on one band and the laptop on another to make them play nice! As soon as I turned off the laptop the imaging rig sprang in to life. If I buy a new Unifi AP I can set it up with different networks on the different bands to force them apart from each other.
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