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...since I've now already succumbed to posting elsewhere, I feel I can no longer "lurk" unannounced, and therefore "Greetings and Salutations" to all!

...take me to your leader the way,this is Gort

Well, ..for those who recognise the reference, that's about the vintage I was when my father put me off of astronomy, and photography too,... by his then enthusiasm for it!! (lets not diverge onto any amateur psych' over that just yet please, just bear with me ), now the wrong side of 50 and all the worse for wear, I'm feeling MY way thru some erstwhile-closed caverns, glimpsed so-o-o long ago...

To wit : I'll start with a Dob (of course!!) ...GSO 8-inch...( 6-inch, depending on funds....)
....I have a yen to dabble with 'astro'-photograpy, (amongst others), and sofar envision the webcam-stack method to be my most viable option...
I might also explore what I can do with the dslr ...starting with tripod star-trails (..might help me to viualise where the South -point is )

Nothin else to tell.. Socio-economically, I'm a "disabled pensioner"... That describes my locii vis any DIY options anyone might care to share.. but also limits same, with regard to transport/physical capacities , in my case...

My location/accommodation is sub-optimal also.. hemmed in by trees and roofline surrounding my northern-suburbs Brisbane locale... There's no "low-hanging fruit" in my existence.... unless it's those brown shrivelled /maggot-wriggling mango-fall from the neighbours tree, before it was removed to make way for the extension that obliterated the west-north aspect of my lower 30 degrees of that horizon........

but I digress...
sofar as contribution to this community.. I "take as I get"-"give as I get", ..can promise no more.. already I've seen enuff of this community to admire, aspire and emulate, and enuff to if not ...... at. ...but that's humanity, and I'm glad to belong!!! -if I'm accepted.

call me Russ ...I've been called worse. (and there's plenty a call I will not answer to!! -- just so that any empire-builders/Napoleons know that from the start!) ....and , to "head-off at the pass" any wanker/trolls :

my view is that "off-the-shelf" experts are "drips under pressure".....

if you can't demonstrate the principle (at least by analogy) in a crude or rudimentary form using everyday items... then your argument is mere consummerist gullibillity... Eg: the "right angle" can be constructed by any body from any pliable sheet of fabric folded twice.... no PhD req'd.

Similarly a circle: from any given length of material affixed at one end and rotated about that point on a plane.....a circle is "described".. all mathematics grew from there. that's where I stand.. my particular ape-descended view on the cosmos and the antics of the "ant-hill" of which I'm a reluctant inhabitant.

The few who gaze beyond, ..whether "in the gutter" or not, but like Oscar, are able to see...... not just look, and blindly follow the rut.... that's the fellowship I recognise/precognise in this otherwise meaningless void ....

it's not all just some glittery cello-wrap gift for a chosen-few, some Cosmic Santa of white anglo middleclass patrilineal supremacy , ...hegemonistically contrived providencial nepotism..... for the benefit of those who can afford Canon, Zeiss, Lagerfeld (insert premium/trend brand as desired) .. .. it's a great big tumult of possibilities wrestling on a scale beyond mortal comprehension... visible at a vast distance and limited by the puny-ness of the observer.. a mere infinitessimal ego.... not yet weaned from this tiny teat we call earth.

Bourke and Wills perished while all about them were the source of their survival.... ( HELLO! to Vinnie and Kokatha Man [Darryl] )'s all the fun of "Show-ride ally" out there, and it's atomic "no-man's land" too!! ...aren't we lucky we're in the outer seats of this Grand Colluseum.. and not in the arena!

but enuff of "bread and circuses"

enuff of me

end introduction
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