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I managed to get outside last night for a couple of hours. I have only managed to get outside a couple of times in the past month due to the terrible weather. Last night was not too bad ( no clouds for a change). I ended up trying the tour mode and selected globular clusters over a magnitude 9. It blew my mind how easy it was to be able to observe some great clusters in a reasonably short period of time. I also took the opportunity to try the TPAS. I only took four sample points and used the IE term in the model. After doing this the objects were always near the centre of the field of view. I was extremely happy with the results and it provided a definite improvement.
One question to Gary if he reads this, in the tour mode I noticed some of the objects in the "Tour'" would have required the altitude to be lowered, in effect below the horizon ie down arrow 100 degrees. Is this normal or have I overlooked something, or was I simply tired and seeing things

All in all I'm extremely impressed with the Argo Navis
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