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Taken some more time to read through the manual, just working on the section on encoder timing, I have a predilection to always wanting to use gadgets to their highest resolution, couple of issues come to mind , that of the batteries..... Now being in an observatory with a 12 v deep cycle battery at hand the extra cable seems a handy accessory, I cant see me going mobile as such. So how many of you have gone down the path of permanent power?
The information that came with the unit had quite some warnings about misuse of this aspect, my use would see it permanently connected ..... (Although not on all the time), so I cant see a big issue with disconnection, which has one terminal to be removed first. The documentation suggests it is connected to the battery terminals, would it be a problem if a cigarette lighter end was attached as I have my battery in a box with a bunch of those mounted on the outside, again I'm wondering if the order of disconnecting would be a problem as both would be at same time should it be removed. ( that question might be one gary might best advise perhaps).

Thanks Clive
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