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Thanks everybody for the replies -I knew I would get sensible answers here.

I hear all the pros and cons, and I think I will drop the idea of an OSC.

Paul - why do you say the DSLRs are useless for solar imaging? I say that having never hooked up a DSLR to a solar scope but in theory, I can see great detail on the surface of the sun, or I can tune it to focus in on prominences. So, the latest DSLRs have full HD video capability. So, why would I not be abe to capture the same view to 30fps HD video via the DSLR? That's the theory any way, but as I say, never done it and I have a while to wait before the solar scope arrives.

Bert - I dont think I am looking to substitute my regular FSQ/STX combination for widefield stuff....that is already 4degs x 4degs, but simply to add to imaging options for very wide field - you know, wide area shots to capture meteorites or large asterims etc.

I will let you all know what I opt for and post results!

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