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Moving into widefield astrophotography

Hello everyone
best place I thought to pose this question would be in IIS given the amount of very talented DSLR users.

I am going to buy the 90mm Solarmax II scope (once Meade ships), and while I look forward to observing with this, I will certainly want to take photos.
Now - I also have a very nice f6.6 500mm Borg 76ED scope, which is redundant, and can be reduced to 430mm/f5. The reducer is designed for DSLRs.

Of course - I dont quite yet understand how I will attach a camera to the Solarmax, but I want to be able to use the camera interchangeably between solar and deep-sky/widefield imaging.

Been looking at a lot web sites - what would make the Canon 550D at just $880 a bad choice? Afterall, it seems to have all of the same capabilities, except perhaps it is not modded to be more sensitive at 656nm. It also has very nice 4.3micron pixels.

My other thoughts were the ST8300 OSC - makes things nice and light, and its cooled.

Grateful for some suggestions.

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