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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
Agreed, I was thinking in general terms.

QHY make a number of Sony based cameras as say, do SX and a quite a few others....not really relevant to cameras using the same KAF device...more a heads up for those looking at other alternatives.

That said I'm bemused at QHY's web info stating the KAF8300 as a 8.6 megapixel chip.

The chip has 8.3 meg active pixels....hence Kodak's nomenclature KAF *8300*
It is pretty clear to me what they state on their website:
Total pixel : 3448*2574 (8.9mega pixel)
Effective pixel: 3358*2536 (8.6mega pixel)
Active pixels: 3326*2504(8.3mega pixel)
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