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Sure is kev.. my encoder mounting seems ok .. I get a very small deflection on one point on one of my alt axis .. I'm thinking its one or both of my alt bearings arn't exactly the same at this point .. anyway the amount of movement at the end of my tangent arm is 1/2 mm and would then likely be much smaller again if measured closer to the encoder and if my thinking is right??.

Gary I reset the encoder resolution to 10 000 steps on both axis
thats right isn't it ?

I finished making my stalk for mounting the unit .. built a small box to fit it in and welded a bit of flat to the 32 mm tube ...cables up the middle .. those cradles on the newer
models would be a real time saver in regard imo .

spose I'm not to far from giving it a try .. not sure how a two cloud alignment will work out but we'll see

cheers graham
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