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Originally Posted by nightstalker View Post
Gary I got offered a unit at a very good price by another maker and was wondering can I fit an argo to the supplied mounting hardware?

IT has 4000 step encoders ?...
Hi Graham,

Thanks for the post.

Indeed you can. Argo Navis is fully compatible with the encoders found on
legacy DSC systems. The encoder cable will also simply plug and play.
Argo Navis has setup parameters menus were you can define the AZ STEPS
and ALT STEPS settings appropriately.

Another looming problem with my az
mounting situation is my az bolt is glued ( thanks dad) into the ground
board.. are the newer encoders bigger height wise ?.
The new 10,000 step encoders are the same height as their predecessors.
You can find a mechanical drawing on our web site here -
If you study it, the thread above the shaft is 0.26" and the body 0.50", a total
of 0.76" (19.3mm).

I gather your existing Az pivot bolt is not "encoder ready"? If you can
remove it we can always create a custom encoder ready replacement for you.
One alternative is that you get a hole saw of the minimum diameter that allows
the existing bolt to the cut out.

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