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Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
Your scope is 15kg without camera and other accessories , so you would be up around 17kg +
I have an EQ6-R Mount which carryís an 8Ē newt , DSLR and guide scope and camera etc.. payload around 14kg.I guide on average around 0.80 to 1.00 arc sec error dependant on conditions
17kg is pushing the EQ6-R Mount with this set up especially in a some wind ( regardless of being a truss newt
Long term investment Iíd go for the EQ8-R pro if you have the cash but itís a heavy beast and suited for a permanent set up ( or a heavier rated Celestron Mount )
Iím considering setting up a backyard observatory late this year and Iíve got my eye on an EQ8-R pro
IMO you canít over spec a mount in AP , itís the most important part of your rig
Yes you can shove a 10Ē scope on a HEQ5 mount but you need pristine conditions and perfect balance to pull off hours of +5 minute dithered guided subs, whatís the point ( cost ?? )
My 2 cents .......
Thanks that's awesome feedback just what I was looking for. I'm looking at the 8, but also there's a skywatcher mount I haven't seen available to purchase

It was announced and in their magazine over a year ago. Still waiting lol.

I live in a remote city close to very good skies so portability is a must for when I get out to class 1 skies which is why I was hoping to get away with something lower than the 8.

But maybe I just go with a 8" instead.
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