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Originally Posted by luka View Post
Problem is fixed.

I added 100uF capacitor next to the pin 9 of DD8, going between the pin 16 and 12 track and GND. Image 1 shows the location of the capacitor.

Interestingly adding a capacitor next to pin 16 on the top of R16 to GND did not have any effect. In this position it is even closer to pin 16 as in the example above. Image 2 shows the location of the capacitor.

Also it should be noted that the quality of the power supply plays an important role. I tried several and some had vertical stripes which were not visible with other power supplies.

Finally, image 3 shows noise for 0ms exposure of the improved Cam86. It was kept in the fridge for few minutes to cool down but not for too long as I didn't want to have condensation on it. My guess is that the sensor was at 10-15 degrees C. Also the sensor was not in complete darkness (light leaking from the left hand side on the image).
Hi Luka, has the latest PCB been corrected for this issue?
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