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Thanks Luka, I will take you up on the bulk items. Plus it will help to reduce your cost/board. Win win.

I have just ordered the parts that you have listed as a ebay purchase (camera sensor and vertical driver), I should have those parts in the next couple of weeks. While I dont expect to be ready, I will potentially be in some fairly dark skies at the end of March and I would be annoyed if I was waiting on one part to be shipped.

I will just use your BOM and add a column for my own stock. Thats the plan anyway. Just have to pull my finger out and do a stock take on what i have here. I know I have a lot of the caps/resistors in the correct package sizes, I just have to confirm that they are the correct spec.

I got my scope from over east. I have not yet found anywhere locally that stocks much for scopes.

My thoughts with the dew control was to not have anything down to the ground but use a jacket around the scope with the flex water pipes zig zagging inside. Just an idea and wildly speculative on whether to would do anything at all. I will have a play around when I get something that moves some heat Good point about when the camera isnt in use, but you could still use a normal one during those short periods or when you are observing. I was just thinking more to try and reduce the portable power supply requirements.

There are so many things you can do DIY if you are so inclined. I have already been mulling over making my own mount... The hardest part is doing something to completion!

WRT portable power to go observing in the hills, I have 3 x 125AH (from memory) UPS batteries sitting here that you are welcome to use for the night. If you need more power than that then you had best buy a really long extension lead
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