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Thanks so much for taking the time to reply Malcolm. It's much appreciated.

I think I'm settled on the simplicity of the 8" or 10" Dob. I just have to work out the brand and goodies to go with it.

There's an 8" Saxon bundle that looks to be best value for money from what I can see at the moment. Crawford focuser, 2 Plossl EPs, moon filter and 2x Barlow.

I was going to get a right angle finder scope and cheshire collimator eyepiece and see how I go with that to start.

Shipping to WA is not pretty but I don't think we are spoiled for choice over here. There seems to be one physical store I've found so I'm going to give them a call tomorrow and maybe stop by.

Can't find any information on if the Saxon mirror is pre marked in the centre or if the scopes have easy adjustment screws already?

Anyone have one of these who can comment or have any other suggestions?

Thanks again.
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