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Originally Posted by luka View Post
Bojan, can you measure the transmission of the filter in the far IR? A clear light globe with a glowing filament will be a good source of IR.

The 450D sensor will happily detect photons at wavelengths over 1100nm and your filter seems to start transmitting again around that range. See for example here.
On the other hand the Canon filter in your unmodified 60D may be blocking this far IR.
I will try.. later.
The setup will be a bit more difficult than this one, because Hartridge spectrometer is visual instrument, and was holding the whole thing in hand.

Previously taken spectra of Eta Carinae (attached) doesn't show a lot above 945nm.. it depends of how much IR is in eta spectrum for th estart [NB: my 450D is modified (filter was removed), but not de-bayered (yet)]
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