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Hi Filip

I have seen your name crop up on several forums and I was always impressed with your work
Thank you for the explanation, ideas and photos

Brendan, as I said, I keep thinking about the jackscrew arrangement but cannot figure out how to do it. Anyway, good work with Eagle, but don't forget to keep making backups.

How will we actually mount our Peltier? One side to sensor and the other to enclosure (with copper inbetween to fill the space)?

When you say the box will not seal, are you talking about the seal between the lid and the base? We could run a thin layer of silastic on the outside after everything is screwed down. Not the best look but it will do the job
Or even squeeze some into the gap where the rubber seal is. It will look nicer but it will be more difficult to take the camera apart.

Regarding the moisture control, what if we keep everything (sensor + electronics) in one chamber, fill it with Argon and silica gel packs. The moisture levels will be quite low. Then we could add a humidity sensor inside the box with one wire going outside to a small display which shows the humidity inside the box. This will show when refills are needed.

Or we could copy Filip's approach, get a piece 3D printed (or milled) that screws into the existing PCB posts and has a large rubber o-ring which will seal the sensor enclosure. We could also glue the extension sensor posts, just like Filip did.
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