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Originally Posted by glend View Post
Yeah, i admit i don't understand the reason behind it, i assumed it was because of his light pollution situation. And we all know about assuming......

Glad to hear about the camera news. A novice like me needs all the experienced help he can get. I am sure you will enjoy it.
Might just be so they can compare its performance using more traditional sub lengths? I dunno.

Cheers mate, I sure hope I do enjoy it.

Originally Posted by Atmos View Post
Just did some quick calculations, the difference between the 1600 and the 694 (674 as well as it is just a smaller version) with 3nm narrowband filters is negligible. The 1600 has lower read noise at gain 0 (3.6e- vs the 4.8e- I get) but also has smaller pixels (3.8 vs 4.54 microns) and a lower QE. Both cameras will require the same amount of time to reach read noise limited under the same situations, with the 1600 at gain 0.
Not sure if it's me just misinterpreting your wording or if there's a misunderstanding, but you start off read noise limited and increase sub length to try and overcome that, rather than "reaching" it.

It's also a bit hard to compare the performance of those cameras based off numbers alone because we still don't know the absolute QE.

Originally Posted by glend View Post
Main Sequence Software has a fix for the SGP crash issue and will release a patch in a few days:
That's good news!
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