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Originally Posted by glend View Post
Some of their (CN's), testing seems to drifting towards exploring the limitations of the camera in areas like 3nm narrowband subs of 900s+ duration at zero gain. I guess if you suffer under extreme light pollution that might seem to be a good idea but no relevance for me. I like to be able to shoot reasonable narrowband with 60" subs. Certainly points out the flexibility of the camera i suppose, but their maybe others better suited to that operation mode.
I think it's the opposite, actually. I image in fairly dark skies with a reasonably low read noise Sony sensor, and I would have to be doing insanely long exposures with 3nm filters to not be read noise limited. There's no point in high light pollution scenarios because you swiftly get past the "read noise limited" point, and once you have, it's just about total integration time.

In other news, looks like the Trius is now sold, so I'll hopefully have a 1600 on the way soon.
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