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Glen, I haven't been able to get SGP running smoothly with the 1600 yet - it all seems to be USB related (slow downloads, inability to use USB2 etc) and I hope the latest setup using just the supplied USB3 cable will do the job (testing tomorrow night). I initially set it all up with Nebulosity and am glad I did - that has worked OK, with the exception of the focusing routine.

I had hoped to just plug the new camera into the existing USB2 hub and accept slower downloads than the maximum that the camera is capable of - but that didn't work at all. I guess that my current H694 generates about 1mpix of data per second, whereas the 1600 can generate up to about 400mpix per second, so it is not all that surprising that there are some teething problems on changing over. Hopefully ZWO will put in a bit of time making the camera play nicely with USB hubs and extension cables, but at least there are some mixes of hardware and software that work reliably in the meantime.

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