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Thank you Ray for helping me to get a better understanding of functioning/parameters of the new ASI camera

Actually I have never measured background signal before, so it was interesting to notice that in my 10-minute subs captured with 3nm Ha there is 102 ADU of background signal give/take a few ADUs. Gain is 0.26. That's a lot of unwanted signal!

Also, while I had my camera powered up, I wanted to see how a 300s dark from my current camera compares with the one from ZWO's website, so I just took a 300s one and did a bit of measuring on both using stats tool in PI. By no means I want to judge which one is better, I simply want to know how things are shaping up with the newcomer from ZWO. I can see that AVD, MAD and mean ADU values differ for both cameras, but I am not sure whether these should be somehow scaled to be able to truly compare the data?

Anyway, here are the results I've got:

AVD = Average Absolute Deviation
MAD = Median Absolute Deviation

entire 300s dark at -25C (from ZWO website)
Mean 154.3
AVD 14.9
MAD 23.7
Min 17.0
Max 23937.0

QSI690 (gain 0.26)
entire 300s dark at -25C
Mean 502.9
AVD 13.2
MAD 11.9
Min 419.0
Max 25952.0

a small central area of a 300s dark
Mean 152.7
AVD 14.1
MAD 23.7

QSI690 (gain 0.26)
a small central area (the same size) of a 300s dark
Mean 503.2
AVD 13.2
MAD 11.9
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