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Thanks Greg, I used to shoot ISO 800 on my 450D as it was the 'sweet spot' for that sensor, but cooling it allowed me to get up to ISO1600 without too much degradation (and was a necessity for narrowband with that camera).

I am waiting for Shawn (CN) to send me a chart he is making up for me, specific to my scope fl, of SNR performance at various sub lengths (although it can be inferred from his other charts). However, no one seems to be addressing gain/preset influence on performance. Jon Rista has mentioned he thinks 60 is the 'sweet spot' but I would suggest it depends on the target to some degree.
There are still not enough ASI1600Ms getting into the hands of testers (most of the US guys that bought through retailers still have not received any delivery advice, other than the Beta Testers, there are a few that ordered direct that now have them but they are hampered by weather and light pollution so far).

Unfortunately, I am probably the last guy to be an early tester of this camera as I am such a hacker when it comes to capture and processing. I can't wait for Ray to get stuck into it.

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