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For 30" all of the brighter stars look very bloated, I do wonder if this has anything to do with the settings that you mentioned you were a bit unsure with.

To get them correct I found following a QHY How To quite useful.
You can do it inside which is handy, you basically start with everything at 0 (Gain and Offset which I assume are the two you can change).

Point the camera at a wall that is reasonably evenly illuminated. Start with fast exposures (0.001) and double the exposure time each frame looking at the average ADU, what you are looking for is when the average ADU stops getting higher (looking for saturation).

Then using that exposure (where it just reaches saturation) you increase the gain until that levels out at 65535 ADU.
To deal with the offset, start taking bias frames and slowly increase the offset until the bias level is 500-1000 ADU.
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