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Arrow ASCOM ServoCAT driver v5.2.0 available

Some users interface planetarium programs that support ASCOM drivers to their
ServoCAT/Argo Navis systems.

The preferred cabling topology is to interface the planetarium program platform to the ServoCAT and
then the ServoCAT to the Argo Navis in the usual way (i.e. ServoCAT DSC port to Argo
Navis SERIAL1 or SERIAL 2)

Pete Eschman is not only one of our favourite Argo Navis/ServoCAT Beta testers but also the author of the
ASCOM driver for ServoCAT.

The latest (Dec 2014) Version 5.2.0 ASCOM ServoCAT driver is available from Pete's
web site here -

Price to you - free!

Pete also makes available for free his "ServoCAT Utility software" (SCU.exe) which can
report ServoCAT firmware versions and report on settings.
The program and documentation can be found by following the links on the same page.

Pete devoted a lot of time and energy into writing the driver and testing
it over the entire development and test phase of the latest version of the ServoCAT/Argo Navis protocol.
That took extraordinary patience. Thanks Pete!

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