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Originally Posted by PeterHA View Post
[*]Does someone know if I can leave AA batteries in the AN compartment and still use the external power cord to run the AN.
[*]If internal AA batteries get low in charge, is there a low battery warning in the AN? I know I can check in the status.[/LIST]Thanks for any hints.
Hi Peter,

You can leave the 4 x "AA" batteries in the unit and run it off an external power source. The Argo Navis has "hot swappable" power switching between sources. I recommend when running on external power that it is a good idea to do this. This way in the event of an external power source failure the Argo Navis will continue to run and not lose any of its settings.

If you go into "Mode Status" and then "Status Power" it will tell you what power source you are running on. If you remove the plug for the external power supply (which switches it to internal power supply) it will tell you the charge status of the internal battery supply.

It is strongly recommended that you remove the 4 x AA batteries when storing your Argo Navis unit as battery failure and leakage can damage the Argo Navis unit.

John B
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