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QHY8, C8 and Hyperstar

Presently I have an imaging set-up using a 127mm f/7 refractor and a QHY8, which gives me pleasing results... but I'm interested in shorter exposure times and wider field of view for those big DSO's

I have a C8 OTA (off a Nexstar 8) just sitting idle... A Hyperstar lens is calling to me... It'd give me f/2.0 and 400mm focal length. A fast astrograph on a budget!

The question is, if I locate a QHY8 in front of a C8, will the QHY8 create too large an obstruction? The QHY8 is 100mm square, and the C8 is only 200mm diameter...

Has anyone here tried a large-ish camera such as the QHY8 on a Hyperstar and C8? Any opinions from those in the know would be valuable before I rush out and spend my money

Edit: Starizona reckon it works fine!



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