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Originally Posted by Roger Davis View Post
Geez Gary, Do you know how many owners of Foresters there are in my club alone? Let me think, gee just in the Instrument Making Section there are four of us! and that's a group of about 20. Extrapolating that's 180 members with Foresters! What has Dave done??! Looks like I'm having words with him!!
Hi Rog,

Love the extrapolation!

I bet we all did the same thing. You are down at the Subaru dealership
(there's an astronomical connection right away of course, with Subaru being
the Japanese name for The Pleiades), you open up the hatch at the back
and the first thing that enters your head is imagining a telescope of some
sort being in there.

I even had a US enthusiast email me yesterday, having read this thread on
IceInSpace, asking my opinion of the Forester as an astro-transportation
vehicle. (Hello Mark!).

With light, sweet crude heading toward US$100 a barrel, I am sure down-sizing
of vehicles is a consideration for an increasing number of Americans. DaveK,
being the astute businessman he is, has undoubtedly seen this coming, so the
Ultra Compact is very much a product introduction with impecable timing.

Best Regards

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