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Originally Posted by Wilso View Post
Itís always a compromise when selecting eyepieces, whether itís weight, size, cost, eye relief etc....
For me it was the weight of the 31 hand grenade, just found I wasnít using it as much as the 22 nagler so it had to go. Havenít replaced it as yet.
One Iím considering thatís relatively new on the scene is the APM uff 30mm, Iíve read some good reviews on it. Itís only 70deg though, weight and price isnít over the top either. Just thought Iíd throw this one in the mix for ya.

I had several high end eyepieces when I had a Tak FS152 and I think it was a 22 T4 that was the most spectacular. The most used though was a 19mm Panoptic which seem a do all type lens. But for a widefield scope I wonder if needs a wider more immersive view.

Some good suggestions here. The Pentx XW lenses sound interesting.Weight may factor into it so would cost.

The Pentax lenses always seem to review well. But I have never used one.

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