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Originally Posted by troypiggo View Post
Hey Peter,

I reckon it'd be extremely useful to make a post here about the best place to get the different parts instead of the kit. Like, if you had to do it all again, how would you do it and where would you get the stuff, links to the websites etc.
OK Troy here goes:

Spacer kit - join the Yahoo EQ6 group and find the post from Doug - he sells Delrin EQ6 spacer kits for US$13 including post to Aus.

Worm Bearings (2 on each axis) - These are 608 deep groove ball bearings. The standard ones are steel but the recommendation is to get some hybrid ceramics. I got mine (ABEC7 ceramic hybrid low friction in a set of 8 for US$70) from although I've seen posts where people got the same ones on ebay for less.

There are quite a few different ceramic hybrid bearings to choose from apart from these - key is to get some good ones. I was told to go for ABEC 7 or ABEC 9 by someone I trust.

Grease - I got Superlube synthetic grease (3oz - 85g) from a local locksmith

It was about $10

I chose to replace the main bearings also although some say this is not necessary. I decided upon SKF bearings as follows:

6008-2RS1 - 6 in the mount although you can choose to re-use the original 2 DEC ring gear bearings as these don't rotate when the DEC clutch is locked
30206 J2/Q - 1 required
32208 J2/Q - 1 required

All up these main bearings cost $179

You can get the instructions from Beevo for free although it isn't a step by step DVD:

You need the following tools:
a set of metric allen keys
a set of phillips head and straight screw drivers
a shifter
some needle nose pliers to remove the worm shaft covers and to adjust the wom thrust ring.
possibly some vice grips if the locking rings are done up really tight.

some fine wet and dry sand paper.
a craft knife for scraping paint off the mating surfaces.
a small length of 6mm ID tubing to rotate the worm shaft by hand.

Finally - a lot of patience when you adjust the worm mesh.


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