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3d Printed Barn Door Tracker

Hi guys,

I've nearly finished a project I've been working on. It's an almost fully 3d printed barn door tracker.

Has fine azimuth adjustment control. Hoping to get fine altitude adjustment added soon but for now the current way should be ok. (Still have to print some knobs/ handles for these controls).

Will be controlled via arduino with bluetooth control to phone or tablet. Plan on implementing a DARV alignment routine to the software also.

If I get really excited maybe even implement shutter control for the DSLR through the arduino also.

Just looking for some feedback and your thoughts on the design.

I hope to print a second version shortly and send it out to someone on IIS to try out and let me know what they think.

I would like to develop this into a cheap starter kit for people looking to get into astrophotography.
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