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Hemi, something rather odd going on there with your paint. It should not come off when touched, nor should you have needed to wash it. Why did you feel the need to wash it?

Is the paint made for applying neat to aluminium? The photo of the tin says bare ferrous metals or prepainted metal, and the Dulux site is ambiguous about applying it to neat aluminium (real pain in the neck! ). Aluminium requires a special primer different from ferrous.

I've used this same Dulus epoxy spay, also 2 coats, albeit white, and found it did not come off at all. I painted steel counterweights and experienced no shedding of paint from my subsequent handling of the counterweight, and it's been 6 months so far and the counterweights have also been hot, cold and soaked with dew.

Where did you see that Black 2.0 or 3.0 is not an answer? If you've found info supporting this please let us know, because so far the testing I've done with Wavy has not been negative. Wavy and I are not painting onto bare metal, but painting over either primed or pre-painted surfaces. If you've found negative experiences with applications like our own unique astro one, please let us know where so we can see what is going on and figure out the ultimate astro application for Black 2.0 and 3.0. I've got a small cheaparse little Newt and a small refractor I'm putting up as guinea pigs.

Please don't feel I'm having a go at you or defending any product! If your experience with that Dulux product was poor , we need to know why things went pearshaped, especially when my experience with it was a positive one. Were conditions hot when you painted the tube? Most curious that it should come off when you ran your finger over it!

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