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Originally Posted by ChrisV View Post
Someone is still making them, great! Thanks for reporting your build Paul and Josh. I've got mine in a larger box, but I also have another Arduino in there with a focus stepper controller and a usb3 hub.

I should go back and fix the instructions - scl and sda shouldn't be swapped.

I'm on about v7 now, just never uploaded. Gone back to a 16*2 lcd display - easier to see with my glasses etc. Also changed to a different ambient temperature/humidity sensor on I2C.

Also, there can be issues with long lines to heater if you have a close parallel line to a sensor - the heater signal can screw up sensor reading. I've now fixed that. I'll get my act together and upload it all.

Hi, can you post the code for the LCD 2 lines?? Thanks. Also i sent you a pm i hope you can give me a hand here..

This is exactly what i need for my project.
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