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Yes I had a similar problem, the ASI120 uses a very different driver. My solution, which works for my gear, uses a MBeat 7 port powered USB hub mounted to my pier. The main ASI imaging camera (1600MM-C) has go be cabled directly to the laptop USB 3 port and I use a USB3 Active (powered) cable to extend the stock cable. The guide camera is plugged into the MBeat hub and onto the spare laptop port. So port separation is crucial in my opinion. Also, the order in which you start those cameras can have an affect. I always start the imaging camera first using SGP, that way I can check that the equipment box has the correct details and I can start the cooling. I don't even turn on the guide camera port (each port on the MBeat has a switch), until I am happy the imaging camera is connected. Turn on the guide camera and start PHD2, then check to make sure you are connecting the right camera in the PHD2 equipment box.
My laptop is WIN8, with updates turned off, always.
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