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Originally Posted by cometcatcher View Post
I think I need one of those Polarie things.

Edit... and then I saw the price!
It's about $500 posted. I didn't get the tripod or carry case etc. I'm just using my existing tripod and ball mounts.

Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
You can get an app for the iphone that makes it an inclinometer. That would be handy.

There is also an app called Trigger trap and they also sell connecting plugs and it turns the iphone into a computer controller for time lapse and all sorts of similar applications even a lightning trigger.

Its not very expensive either.

Yeh I've got the inclinometer one. I had a look at Trigger Trap a few weeks ago, looks good. I might get it in a few months.

Originally Posted by mithrandir View Post
A 5dmk2+Canon 200mm f2.8 looks like it is about 1.6-1.7Kg, so the weight should be OK, but their probably needs to be some allowance for the camera/lens dimensions.
Yeh I haven't weighed the setup but it seemed to handle it ok. There's some limitations trying to point south because the camera body knocks against the polarie. There might be other ball mounts or swivel mounts that would be better.

It's a shame it can't support the weight of an ED80 but really, that's not what it's for. Obviously the AstroTrac or others is better for that sort of thing, whereas this is just for the camera and lens - a specific piece of kit for a specific purpose.
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