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Summary: I'm very impressed!

Keeping in mind I did literally no alignment, no compass, no inclinometer.

With the widefield Samyang 14mm lens, even at 3 minute exposures there's basically no trailing whatsoever.

That's where this unit is going to be brilliant - widefield nightscape shots, with or without a foreground scene.
With a foreground scene, I'd probably do one with tracking and one without, and combine them in post-processing.

Without alignment, I wasn't expecting much from the 200mm - it really was expected to push it to the limit with weight as well.

And pointed at Crux, I sort of got what I expected. 30s exposures is too much without proper alignment. But when I pointed it towards the East, there's only minimal trailing in the 1:1 crop, and isn't very evident at all in the full-frame. Would just need to get rid of the camera shake using mirror lockup.

It's extremely portable, easy to use, quick to setup. It's going to open up a new world of nightscape photography.

I can't wait to start using this out at the Kimberley!
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