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re connectivity issue

Thanks for help.

Still big problems,I uninstalled EOS utility,also some other canon installed the 450D disc which I did work,it did not work,the tried the very latest
from Canon Aust.

There seems to be be some connectivity issue,the cables are correct,the camera displays busy the cameras are trying.

The computer makes a little 'no-no' sound,and the after three seconds it makes the normal sound like when when you take out a USB item.

I noticed there was some canon software I could remove of my list of programs.also when I was installing the 450D software for utility.A message came up say it needed 'Maxlm DL to be installed before it would go on.I fiddled around and it appeared to install, (I removed that program Maxlm DL about 4 or 5 weeks ago-having a tidy up)

So maybe that is a issue?

I can do all other functions with my canon software,But the Utility page-Control page only the monitor folder lights up,I cannot click on the other 3 options.I tried when the camera was hooked up.

Does anyone have any slight idea of what could be causing conflict?

I will have to ring Canon.

I have a feeling when one of the advanced astronomers comes up for a viewing night he might be able to do a proper clean sweep of all the software,and the we can do a re install.(but that might not be for months-the way the weather is)

I bought APT and installed-a very fine piece of software-I hope I can use it one day.and as Humayan said it did not know the camera was connected,when it was.

I am going to install the 450D Cd software on another family members computer and see how it goes.

If all else fails I may have to buy a new laptop on Wednesday-I am going to 'Hardly Normal' to pick up a new LCD Tv.But I hope I do not have to buy a new lappy,I'd rather put that money towards the 7D

Any advice and help would be good,I will give Canon a ring,that seems the positive advice at present.


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