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Originally Posted by marki View Post
Duncan, what format are you saving the images in and what software are you using? If you are saving in FIT's format the image will be grey scale. When you convert to colour the result may depend on your software settings. For example I use MaximDL and in the convert to colour window I can choose a lot of different camera models. If I choose some of the canon options it delivers images from mild red to over the top red. If I choose SBIG every thing is blue on the same image. Be patient the learning curve is not that steep. It won't be long before you will see the difference cooling makes.

I hear you mate, i have had all sorts of obstacles. first off was getting the MPCC at exactly the right spot, although i am still convinced its not right, secondly was getting the focus sorted, and as you can see thats still not right. third, i am starting to realise that to get the accuracy that i want, i will need a better mount than an EQ6.

as for converting to colour, i am going to the option called "convert to RGB" and just checking the offsets.

hmm !

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