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Thanks iceman, I wasn't sure whether to stay in the beginers forum or move to another.
My other half had a canon but it was nicked, and I find that much easier to navigate. I have always been an Olympus fan so I bought E300 when they came out and I found it was not as simple to use as the canon especially for night and macro shots the results just weren't what I was used to and the instructions booklet, well what can I say, urgh!. I just find it hard to navigate so does my other half. I'm still a fan of Olympus though and I still use my manual camera's especially for macro and night work. But for astrophotograpy I was hoping for suggestions so as I have a clear idea of what to look for, I truly don't believe my Olympus is quite up to it.

I'm sorry if I offended you Ving, for not being up to scratch with the digital era. But the reason I am here, is that I have problems with the Olympus that I haven't had with canon, minolta or pentax. Hence the question.
You don't have to sound so harsh in your response.
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