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Now it's time for an update of my timing belt project.

From the beginning I was not convinced that I should modify my EQ6 mount and replacing the spur gears with timing belts. But I do now.

I needed some tools and machines.

I looked for a used desktop lathe but couldn't find any and the time goes on. Later a new friend offer to me to use his lathe, perfect, maybe I can be finished in time and some test later when the darkness comes back.

You can read here what I have done, also added a lot of photos to make it easier to follow:

I can not recommend any to do this, better to buy a ready made kit that is just to mount. I feel it's more exiting to do things myself, maybe a sickness.

It will be very interesting to see if I get any advanteges of using a wider 6 mm belt for more stiffness and the GT2 profile pulleys that they use in 3D printers to reduce the backlash.


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