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Originally Posted by Shiraz View Post
heads up - had to replace the dessicator tablets in my ZWO1600 last night. the originals lasted a bit under 9 months in a fairly benign environment, so will need to stock up on replacements or find a more convenient way to do the job. Apparently ceramic molecular sieves (as used) can be reconditioned, but only at high temperature and under vacuum, so I will see if a bag of silica gel beads can be fitted in the chamber.

Symptom was small, slightly brighter donuts as the droplets of condensation on the chip cover acted as extra lenses. Needed a strap wrench to unscrew the front section and expose the chamber - it was a bit tight.
I usually microwave beads for 5s multiple times until they go from pink to blue. I use Argon for my camera. A canister from gasweld will cost you ~$30. Lasts me years.
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