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Ray i changed mine a couple of weeks ago, no symptoms but i thought it was probably time. The old ones looked fine. You can buy a pack of replacement pills from the ZWO website, or through Bintel.

I have the new heater installed on mine, and put a new AR window in the top of the cover ( i accidently scratched the original with a sensor cleaning swab). I change mine inside a plastic box filled with argon, then run a thin strip of pvc tape around the seam. There is an internal silicon ring around the inside edge so it seals pretty good anyway, and the AR window has an O-Ring seal.

I never leave the camera on the scope after i finish imaging, it goes into its argon box in the dry room.

BTW, i am finding that the heater element affects the Dela T of the TEC slighly. Probably should not run it in summer anyway. In testing i was losing about 3C if the heater was on.
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